70/20/10 Rule

Are you familiar with the 70/20/10 Rule? If you are confused about what to post on social media, this is a good rule of thumb. If you are confused or have questions, we are here to help.

70% Adding Value

Seventy percent of your posts on social media should add value to your viewers. What does this mean? This could be a tip or something they did not know. Does not matter if it is a quote or National What Day. People are following you, give them a reason to. 

20% Shared Content

Share an article that relates to your business. (This is double true on LinkedIn) Maybe you are partnering with a business, so share their posts. Is there a charity or are there charities your business supports? If so share their posts, if not, find one. Nobody likes greedy businesses. 

10% Promotional 

Yes, you see that right. Only 10% should be promotional posts. Many businesses get confused when hearing this. You could say, did you know c comes after b in the alphabet? Did you also know we are having a sale with 50% off?! That is adding some value, being informative.......and sliding a promotion in there. But no one likes people who brag, and no one like a person who only talk about themselves. 

Think of social media like a conversation. Share what you hear others are saying, talk about some news in your industry, maybe a funny quote. 

Social Media isn't going anywhere, so you're either adapting or drowning. 

Are you drowning? Lets talk. 

-Rebecca (CEO of DVK PR & MARKETING)

Rebecca@dvkprgroup.com or 561-594-5837