Why Should Your Business Be on Social Media?

I have had a few clients, that when starting out with me, they were not too sure about social media. Many were not even that fond of it. Yes, it is important to stay active and in front of your followers on Facebook, but why else and what else should you do with social media? What you want to do with Social Media is keep in front of your current base and expand your reach.

How do you expand your reach with Social Media?

To make sure not just your followers see your posts, it is important to boost and do Facebook ads. Many clients know how to boost a post, simple enough, and yes that will expand your reach. How? The boosting will increase the number of "impressions". Meaning your post will be shown to people that are not your followers, which is great for increasing awareness. However, only increasing awareness, which most clients do not understand. Increasing awareness does not automatically take people to the action stage and get you more business. It takes time to take your target market through all the stages. Now to funnel more and more people into the awareness stage is good. Then that is more people that can move to the action stage.

What are the stages of marketing?

The first stage is awareness, which means people are aware of your company and the products and services. Paying for a boost will help that, depending on your post, however, if you want to move traffic from the awareness, to recognition to recall to action, and pay for that, then you want to be doing conversion ads on FB. Meaning, you will only pay when a potential customer clicks a particular button.

How do conversion ads work?

After a conversion ad is made, Facebook gives a code to input into the button you want visitors to click. You will only pay when visitors click that button.

Both boosts and ads are important but you also have to consider your goals. I also consider the goals of the client. If the client knows and recognizes they are in the awareness stage, then boosts are good. However, if I client is expecting business and we both agree most people are already aware of their products or services, then I would be focusing more on conversion ads.

This is why you want to be doing social media.

Not only to stay in front of the people that are following you, but also so you can boost your posts and do Facebook Ads. After all, Facebook Ads are a lot less than Google Adwords, for now.

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