They all say new, different, out of the box, going beyond, redefining, pushing the boundaries, reinventing.

We are straightforward. 

Let us help you, help your business. With a variety of plans and businesses to choose from, you can keep your sanity and your budget.


The main goal of DVK PR & MARKETING is to provide exceptional leadership to support and maintain integrity and work in the best interest of our clients. We strongly believe in working hard for and with our business entities to capture all streams of media to optimize the potential success for our clients and partners.


Owner: Rebecca Kerchak

Director of Photography & Video: Jason Meert

Senior Programmer: Jeyk Joseph

Miami Division: Jasmine Fraizer

Culinary Division: David Valencia

Event Division: Brenda Swope

Multiple writers: When we are on your team, you also have a team of writers based on your industry at your fingertips.



 Rebecca Kerchak has her bachelors in Communications and Advertising and has been in the PR/Marketing industry since 2004. With over a decade of experience, she has a unique and fresh look at PR and marketing. 

She fell into marketing, helping a law firm in 2003. In 2004, Facebook was only available for college students, so when it became available for business, she had an upper-hand in helping them learn how to use it or just manage it for them. After she graduated with her Bachelors in Communications and Advertising, Rebecca honed her crafts at American Advertising in Philadelphia which was one of the best in its time, heading up many of its divisions: Pubic Relations, Event Planning, Advertising, Social Media, Radio & Newspaper. 

Some time after moving from American Advertising in Philadelphia and onto NY. Rebecca was at a few Marketing and Public Relation Agencies, but it didn’t feel right. This was due to high fees, outsourcing and up-charging. She spent her time freelancing, and eventually turned the freelancing into a company, DVK PR & Marketing, named after her son who helped convince her to do it. 

What industries has she and DVK helped? Real Estate, Construction, Law, Retail, Beauty, Finance, Restaurant, Fashion, Medical, Investments, Yachting…and the list goes on. The experience in a certain industry can be helpful, however, she believes each business has its own limitations and "personality". She takes pride in finding the personality of a business and then planning the best way of showcasing it to specified target markets on a variety of platforms within the industries' limitations and budget.

Rebecca was born in North Warren, Pennsylvania, by Lake Erie, grew up in Sinking Spring, PA, close to Reading, playing basketball, soccer, softball, track and went on to compete in the heptathlon in college. She has also lived a few years in Philadelphia, New York City, Miami and West Palm Beach, finally finding her home in Palm Beach Gardens. Ms. Kerchak traveled all over United States and to London, Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, France, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Turks and Caicos and more, truly believing traveling expands the mind. She now lives with her finance and son in Palm Beach Gardens enjoying singing in a band (BlueReignBand.com), paddle boarding, instructing cycling classes at Palm Beach Sports Club, along with producing events as the President of Fashion For Humanity, a nonprofit, 501c3 organization. 


Chef David Valencia is credited with bringing the high-end fusion of Latin, French and Asian cuisine to the forefront of American palates. Born in Colombia, and a veteran of Alain Ducasse’s global empire, Valencia participated in the opening a series of New York City restaurants; Adour, The Modern, The Plaza’s Oak Room, Catch with Top Chef winner Hung Huynh, Pier 9 and other locations; Fuse in Texas, Daniel Stern’s R2L in Philadelphia, Catch in Miami and Meat Market in Palm Beach.  

Before coming to the United States, only knowing how to say "no" in English, Valencia was cooking farm-to-table in Colombia. His large family parties typically involved killing a pig, butchering and then preparing. To him, helping to cook an animal, start to finish was normal. David Valencia carries this appreciation for where food comes from and how it is prepared with him in his preparations today at Caviar Russe in Miami. 

From a young age, Valencia showed a talent for cooking, running a Pizzeria in Monticello at age 16. It was his talent here which led a local hunter to request him to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for an upstate hunting club of around 40 hunters. Valencia took the opportunity very seriously, with little culinary experience and no clue how to cook venison, the Manhattan transplant implemented the vigorous research of recipes and by the next morning was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The hunters' love and appreciation of his food drove him to go to culinary school in New York City and eventually brought him to the Executive Chef of Caviar Russe, showcasing a menu with caviar, raw bar and crudo-inspired cuisine to most recently the Executive Chef of Costa Palm Beach.

Read more about Chef David Valencia, his experience, press and how he can help with your private event of restaurant.