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DVK PR Group is literally your one stop shop for everything marketing. We help with Websites, Social Media, Public Relations, Reviews, Content, Graphic Design and more. Anything you want created, whether it is a business card or flyer to a huge sign outside your business, we can help. Below are a list of things you may need graphically designed. 

We can keep it simple and professional or go to bold and creative depending on the client. It is not about our taste, it is about matching the personality and style of the business. Because DVK PR GROUP understands the psychology of the consumer with marketing, it really helps when it comes to graphic design. We will always inform you of what we think will work best, but in the end, it is your decision of how you want it to look.

  • Logos

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Invitations

  • Posters

  • Brochures

  • Websites

  • Presentation Design

  • Social Media Posts

  • A4 Signs

  • Menus

  • Newsletters

  • Annual Reports

  • Postcards

  • Album Covers

  • T-shirts

After something is designed and you need it printed, no problem, we have partnered with the best printers from Florida to California to give you the best prices possible. 


Business Cards

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Print Advertisements

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Social Media Posts

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Graphic design is purposeful art. There are many things involved and in many cases requires a plan to solve a problem or to meet certain objectives. Using a combination of words, images, and symbols, graphic design is a way of communicating in a visual way. Sometimes being used to communicate a complicated idea or a simple one using a variety of tools..

The Process of Graphic Design

We first discuss the project with the client, as far as if it is for the internet or print as well as the size. The size has a lot to do with where the graphic is going. Is it being mailed to peoples homes? Then we would recommend a postcard size? Or maybe you will be passing it out at a conference, then you want to stick to a 4x6 so it is easy for people to put in their pockets. Another thing to consider is making it worth something. What does that mean? Are you more likely to keep something you are thinking about using if it has 25% Off with his card? Yes, most people will, rather than a peice of paper sith some information on it. 

After we have an idea of what the client wants and the size. We will use sketchpads to design a few ideas. Next we will design what we have sketched in adobe Illustrator. Many of our logos, we like to draw out, espeically because many graphic designers have a background in art. Once we feel we have the artwork translated, we will screenshot a few ideas to the client to see if one of the designs strikes their eye. Most of the time one will, if not, back to the drawing board. 

We then build on that current design and make edits until the clients' expectations are exceeded. 

Next is the printing. We figure out about how many are needed and when they are needed by. Then we go to the printers and ask for a quote, the one that gives the best quote gets the job. Since we have used these printers multiple times, we get fair pricing and we already know they deliver exactly what we are asking for. 

Let DVK PR & Marketing and the professional graphic designers turn your idea into something tangible.